Ultrasonic Dish washing system

ØPerfect washing result with Nano-bubble cleaning technology, high-pressure spray by reasonable combination and comprehensive role.

ØDifferent processes for different kinds of dishware, to achieve thorough cleaning without residue.

ØTo remove bacteria during washing, physical disinfection, safe and reliable, no chemical residues, high speed and efficiency, up to 100% cleaning and up to 99.9% bacteria removal.

ØAny shape of dishware, whether it is ordinary porcelain, stainless steel, or even melamine material, it can be quickly washed as long as it’s submerged.

ØUnique washing method, full range of simultaneous 3D cleaning, highly effective at reaching inaccessible and hard to clean areas.

ØQuickly emulsified the grease on the dishware, vibrating off the dirty and invisible bacteria from the surface of the dishware.

ØNo need for special detergent, drying agent. A small amount of household dishwashing Liquid will do, great cost savings.

ØGood and fast in fruit, vegetable, crab, prawn and any other food  washing as well.

Heat Pump for Aquaculture

ØHighly automated water temperature control system for wide variety of aquaculture applications

Ø100% titanium heat exchanger of exceptional high level of  reliability and efficiency

ØIntelligent microcomputer controller with LCD display and remote-control protocol for easy monitoring

Ø100% heat pump technology, high COP with up to 75% energy saving

ØCorrosion resistant, able to withstand marine water well

ØAutomatic mode, no specific maintenance personnel required

ØHigh quality air heat exchanger with hydrophilic coating

ØCompact and excellent design wins high appreciation

ØCopeland compressor with R410A refrigerant

ØLow noise, long life span

Heat Pump @ Bukit Timah

New heat pump hot water system for a new landed house at Bukit Timah.

HPWH for private housing

More and more private house owners are looking for Heat Pump Water Heaters to be designed and installed in their new houses. One centralized system is able to provide enough hot water for their family members daily shower. It’s more safe, more neat and more fashion. But most of all, it’s more energy efficient as the energy cost is about 25% only to compare to the traditional heaters. 

HPWH for New Style of hawker centre

Do you know how the used dishware are washed at Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre?

It's done by an automatic dish washer behind the tray return station. Supplied by 2 of our 80L high water temperature heat pump water heaters, the machine can have enough up to 75℃ hot water for washing, to make sure the dishware are well cleaned.

This hot water system helps the operator to improve their productivity, as well as to reduce the energy consumption.

A WARM Project for STH

We are gald to complete the installaton of the Heat Pump Water Heaters for Saint Theresa's Home, as a Christmas present for the elderly. 

This system was designed for STH elderly patients auto shower daily. Due to the bathtub huge hot water demand, the commercial heat pump water heater system was chosen as it's the only cheap and realisable system availabe.

2 sets of system were built for female and male residents for their daily shower, with more comfortable, safe and cheaper manner. 

Please feel free to check with us for more detials if you are interesting on Asun Heat Pump Water Heaters. 

Heat pump water heater to replace gas heater

Gas water heater may cuase fire, explosion, or even poisoning. To eliminate the years safety worries, one of the owner from City View EC decided to install Asun heat pump water heater to replace their gas water heater. The place is very suitable to locate the heat pump. And it's easy to replace without much piping work.

Clean & Green Singapore, ECO Fair 2017, WE ARE IN! 

Welcome to ECO Home and our Booth to observe and feel our heat pump water heaters and live demo.

Date:   4th to 6th Nov 2017

Time:   9am to 6pm

Venue: Open Field next to Boon Keng MRT Exit C

See you there.

Heating performance experiment

Our 5.0P HT commercial Heat Pump Water Heater performs super good.

It takes about 3:00 hours only to heat up 1000L water from 30°C  to 80°C. While the electricity consumption is about 12 KWh only, costs about $3.

The system can be easily multiple to increase the volume of hot water as well. For mass hot water demand facilities, It’s FASTER, CHEAPER, CLEANER and EASIER!

Heat Pump Water Heater for Jacuzzi

We are pround to help our customer solve their problem by switching the faulty machine with Asun heat pump water heater, for swimming pool to warm up the jacuzzi water. Our machine is well compatible with their existing swimming pool system. 

The original jacuzzi warm water system broke down. The residents there were suffering with cool water jacuzzi for a while. Together with the building management, we did a professional calculation, and finalized the replacement plan. Our engineering team got it switched within half day.

It's a quick turn project, and the outcome was fantastic. The residents can now enjoy the warm jacuzzi again. 

Heat Pump Water Heater for dish washer

More and more applications are using ASUN high temperature heat pump water heater.

The Central Wash Area in Chong Pang Hawker Centre at Blk 105 Yishun Ring Road has been using an 80L heat pump water heater to supply hot water for dish washer. The heater is supplying enough hot water (up to 80°C) for their 10 operating hours daily.

The reason they decided to use this machine is because of the huge gas bill, which is S$1000+ per month. By using the energy efficient heat pump water heater now, the gas heater has been stopped using, and the electricity bill is expected to be S$200+. This is about 80% of energy saving! The dealer can now have more profit, and the workers are also enjoying the cool air while working.

Heat Pump Water Heater for nursing home

A full tank of warm water is ready for their auto bath system at Peacehaven Nursing Home. 

Due to the huge power requirement (more than 100Kw) for the auto bath system, the management almost rejected the project until found ASUN heat pump water heater.

ASUN heat pump water heater is the perfect system which can help them to supply enough warm water in morning and evening baths with very low power consumption (1.8Kw only).

Heat Pump Water Heater for coffee shops

Coffee shop is one of the most frequented places in our daily life. Now your every morning aromatic coffee can start with Asun heat pump water heater.

Our heat pump water heater can heat the water up to 80°C. Therefore, traditional boiler only has to heat up the readily available hot water at 80°C to 95°C, enabling making aromatic coffee almost instantly. This method can help in shortening the time for producing hot water at 95°C during the peak hours. Moreover, whilst coffee shop owners can save up to 50% of the electricity bill for hot water, their workers can also enjoy cooler working environment. It is a perfect tailor-made solution that makes both owners and workers happy.

Substantial numbers of our heat pump water heaters have been installed at coffee shops across the island. You may have already seen them at your neighbourhood coffee shops.

Heat Pump Water Heater for food factory

One 5.0P high temperature industrial heat pump water heater is running at one of the food factory now. 

This system is running with auto control components on water temperature and water level. The water temperature can be as high as 80℃.

The system can now help the factory to perform Sous-vide with unlimited hot water.


"I recently replaced my electrical storage water heater with an energy efficient ASUN Heat Pump Water Heater. The Heat Pump Water Heater draws heat from the surrounding air to heat the water. Now my kitchen area is cooler than normal. With the energy efficient setting, the unit only come on for about 20 mins a day, more than enough hot water for a family of 4. My water heating bill dropped by about 70 percent. Thank You ASUN!"


购买ASUN空气能热水器就是看中了它环保省电, 而且水电分离,100%安全!它独特的结构设计, 精美的外观 ,流行的土豪金颜色,让人赏心悦目。
精心安装后,技术人员很耐心地给我们讲解了该热水器的基本操作和如何设定最适合我们的工作模式! 比如说,我们一般晚上7点左右在家享用晚餐,我们就设定空气能热水器在6:45pm自动启动,7:45pm自动关闭,这样我们用餐过程中就可以享有空调般的冷风,感觉非常棒!它的水箱保温效果也很不错。根据我们的观察,72小时降温小于10度! 我们家有六个人使用热水冲凉,而每天只需启动一小时就足够的热水用了,这仅是大概两毛钱的电费!
ASUN空气能热水器搭配上他们的五星级酒店专用不锈钢花洒, 大大提高了水流速度。 我们现在冲凉就是一种享受,就连我六岁的女儿都喜欢自己冲凉洗头发了。

MS Amy 体验分享


Ms LV and her family members are very happy with ASUN heat pump water heater. She said: "the warm water is endless after we replaced the water heater. The water pressure is much higher than the old electrical one too. And now we are not afraid of the electrical leakage in the water anymore. We can really enjoy hot showers to refresh in the morning and to relax in the evening. More importantly, in puts our minds ease" 

Ms LV also said: "it's much more than a water heater. The machine can blow out very cool air while it heats up the water. We set the timing at our dinner time to enjoy the cool air during our dinner. And we don't have to worry about the bill. The electricity consumption is about 0.5KWH daily." 

"I have sincerely recommended ASUN heat pump water heater to my friends and neighbors, for safety, for saving, for green." Ms LV added.  


ISO 9001 is a quality management standard that presents guidelines intended to increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction. The goal of ISO 9001 is to embed a quality management system within an organization, increasing productivity, reducing unnecessary costs, and ensuring quality of processes and products.

OHSAS 18001 is an internationally recognised occupational, health and safety management system series standard. The standard also requires a company to have appropriate health and safety policies, procedures and protocols to ensure it is a safety conscientious organisation.