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Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat Pump Water Heater

Do you want to get hot water without having to produce any heat? Say no more and get our heat pump water heater!

A heat pump water heater is innovative water that instead of producing heat and then heating water, uses the heat available in the environment around it and converges it to heat water. It works just like an air conditioner but in reverse and is the most suitable option to be used in topical zones like Singapore where the air is hot and humid round the year.

Here are some other benefits of our heat pump water heater:

Energy Efficiency:

Most water heaters use some sort of energy such as electricity, gas, or solar to generate heat to heat your water which makes them not an ideal type to be used especially in the age of energy crisis and price hikes.

But our heat pump water heater saves up to 70% of energy as compared to other water heaters, making them energy efficient and ideal to be used if you want to enjoy hot water without worrying about your bills.

Cost Efficiency:

As our water heaters use 70% less energy than other heaters, they also show a significant decrease in the utility bills. An average heat pump water heater costs 3 times cheaper as compared to its counterparts.

It is because of the innovative technology used in our water heater which only consumes energy to pump the heat from the environment to direct in on water rather than generating heat.

Year Around Output:

Energy and cost efficiency is not the only benefit of our heat pump water heater as you can get these benefits from water heaters that use renewable energy such as solar water heaters.

But our heater provides you with what they can’t and that is a regular output of hot water. Solar water heaters cease to work in even slightly tough weather conditions such as rain, haze, or clouds and only produce a yearly output of 20% at max.

But our water heaters are specifically designed according to Singaporean climate to be environment and pocket-friendly and efficient.